Water and Soil Resource Preservation is our MAIN concern

Cane Creek, upper waters, Efland, NC
Cane Creek, upper waters with a beaver dam that filters the water.  Efland, NC


Heather Main

Orange County

Soil and Water Conservation District

Board of Supervisors


Water is Our Main Concern 


We, in Orange County, must protect our watersheds for residents in the county and in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Cane Creek Reservoir is the main water source for residents of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.


We should consider the effects of global warming on our Orange County communities and make a plan to protect our water and natural resources for a sustainable present and future.


We need to focus on preserving and restoring existing Orange County wetlands as well as creating new ones.


We need to devise a plan for the constructive development of new communities here in Orange County while preserving our hardwoods and virgin soil; we need to ensure that farming practices do not pollute water resources or damage our wetlands.


We must also protect all the watersheds of Orange County by working to develop reasonable land clearing practices to prevent grand scale clear-cutting and earth recontouring thereby avoiding water contamination by runoff. At present, Chatham County is failing to avoid these damaging processes in building Briar Chapel Community. Do we want northern Orange County to be developed in this destructive fashion?


We must encourage small and large-scale farming in our county by providing financial support to encourage young people to adopt sustainable farming.


We must try to encourage green practices for residential and commercial lawn care to prevent runoff of detrimental fertilizers and herbicides from entering our wetlands and water resources.


We need to study, understand and inhibit types of pollution that compromise the integrity of our precious land and water resources, including the damage done by hazardous chemicals, runoff, and plastic debris, especially microplastics. We need to improve our recycling of plastic because our landfills are quickly becoming clogged by accumulated plastic waste. This has to stop. Let’s find a way to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic bags and wrappings in our local stores; charge five cents a bag for those customers who require a plastic bag and give five cents off for those who bring their own reusable bags. The resulting income could be used to support roadside trash pick up and farm sustainability projects. 


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Water is our MAIN precious resource in

Orange County, for now and the future. 

Water sustains life!