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Something About the Water

I am running for the Soil and Water Board of Supervisors in Orange County because I am concerned about the future of water quality and the availability of clean water in Orange County.  Conservation of our natural resources such as water, forests and soil, will become increasingly important as we face the challenges of development and climate change.  I want to work to improve and protect water quality as it affects our quality of life in our Orange County. 

I feel privileged to live along Cane Creek, an important tributary our watershed. For years I have observed the rise and fall of the water levels as it responds to rainfall events. When it floods there is debris and runoff. The water is muddy from the runoff I know it heads downstream and eventually into the ocean but along the way communities are drinking and using this water.  What contaminants are in the water we drink? I want to improve water quality by taking care of our watersheds and land in Orange County.

Being witnesses to Hurricane Florence and its devastating flooding and damage in North Carolina, I think we can all relate to the importance of clean water and taking a look at better protection of our land in the watersheds.

Cane Creek Watershed for Cane Creek Reservoir

I am a long time resident or Orange County and a native North Carolinian. I have been interested in protecting the environment most of my life.  I am an avid bird watcher and have created a sanctuary for birds and animals on our small farm in Orange County. I work as a consultant in the field of environmental health and safety.

Elect Heather Main for the Soil and Water Conservation Board of Supervisors in Orange County, 2018

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